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I truly enjoyed your "cooking for balance" class and presentation, I learned more than I thought I knew about seasonal foods. The methods used for preparing foods to suit the palates of young children was really interesting and I couldn't wait to try the technique for seafood - It worked really well for us... (they enjoyed and finished their fish without threats.)

Your class gave me tremendous insight on the practicalities and benefits of eating seasonally and your demonstrated methods and recipes were simple, sensible and savory. Let me know of your next class, I'll be sure to bring my sister next time.

-Leah D.

Thank you, Mindy for your wisdom and guidance in food and nutrition. Even though I have read many articles about food and nutrition, your food for thought gave me insights and perspectives on how I can be healthy and fit. I. C.

Dear Mindy,

My family and I enjoyed Mindy's Perfect Sauce. We love it, we use it on almost all the dishes.

Thank you,
K. Wong

Mindy's Perfect Sauce is so tasty & spicy - it's really addictive. I use it for everything from rice cakes to soup. I can't get enough! K. Burrell

Balance Your Life Through Diet
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