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What Is It That Mindy does?

Let us start by saying that Mindy embodies a lifelong interest in food, food preparation, and the nutritional aspects are based on interest and experience. Her natural ability for balancing taste and flavor, along with her knowledge and understanding of food’s impact on the body began when she was very young. Her natural skills and extensive experience enable her to train and assist people with a balanced, healthy diet. She is neither a nutritionist, a macrobiotic, nor a vegetarian. She can assist and provide balanced food choices based on your preferences and needs.

Consultation - $75.00

What can Mindy assist you with?

She will gather information about your current diet, your preferences, and any health issues or dietary requirements. With that, she will design a healthy diet that is refreshing and familiar for you and your family.

Menu Planning

Our bodies needs and requirements change with the seasons; therefore, the foods we choose should adjust with the season, too. She will create 21-day menus for each season. “I don’t know what to cook” will not be your song and dance any longer.


Based on your choice of menus for the week, Mindy will shop for the highest quality and the freshest ingredients for you. You can enjoy cooking without the hassle of going to the markets with everything delivered to you.


Mindy will cook your selected menus while you relax or spend time on other tasks trusting that you or your family will have a lovingly prepared meal.

Mindy’s Pantry

Her Pantry provides assorted homemade sauces and natural oils to enhance your cooking.

Balance Your Life Through Diet
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